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Home Elevator

"Barrier free" to "Floor-free"

Sense of floor free

Panasonic Home Elevator for Myanmar

Market sharing in Japan

provides many solutions for your life

Smart Living

Smart Living Life by Panasonic
Private home use (Single family use, 50 start per day:SLIM/SLIM LONG)

Drive machine
Drum machine installed inside hoistway

Load capacity
Front Opening Only:
WIDE : 330:330 kg/WIDE 300:300 kg/MIDI : 250 kg/ MIDI-Long, SLIM-LONG, FIT : 200 kg
*Observation Window (The duty load will be 30kg reduction)
Front and Rear openings:
WIDE : WIDE 330:280 kg/ WIDE 300:250 kg/MIDI, MIDI_LONG 200KG/SLIM, SLIM-LONG : 150 kg

Control system
Simplex automatic operation

Maximum number of stops
5 stops (1 way), 6 stops (2 ways) Except FIT

Maximum rise (or travel)
13.5m (44.3 ft) only WIDE, 12.5 m (41ft) except wide

Car speed
Only WIDE UP: 20 mpm (0.33mps) DN : 30 mpm (0.50mps)
Except WIDE-UP/DN : 20 mpm
Power supply
Single phase. 230 V 4 KVA

Front only (standard) or front and rear (optional)

Power operated four-panel center opening doors
(SLIM LONG : SLIM :six-panel) center opening doors

 Installation sketch
 Transformer   S
 Parking key switch   S
 Automatic home landing   S
 Overloading prevention   S
 Door open hold extension   S
 Mechanical Door Safety Device   S
 Light beam door protection system only WIDE S
 Leveling adjustment   S
 Door Failure Rescue Drive   S
 Automatic Landing for Power Failure   S
 Self Rescue Device   S
 Flood sensor   S
 Call cutout device   S
 LED Light   S
 Pressure Type Fan   S
 Automatic on/off of the light and fan   S
 Handrail - horizontal   S
 Handrail - vertical Only WIDE 300 O
 Front and rear openings except FIT O
 Earthquake operation   O
 Additional parking key switch   O
 Rear car wall panel with mirror not avaliable WIDE 330 O
 Observation Window only WIDE O
 Wainscot for wheelchair not avaliable WIDE 330 O
 Reinforcing materials for wooden house   O
 Nanoe not avaliable WIDE 330 O
 Hall Position Indicator only WIDE O
 Special door Window Deluxe not avaliable WIDE 330/ Slim/Slim-Long O
 Special door luxury Deluxe
(Duty load will be reduced minus 10kg (1 way door)/ 20kg (2 way door))
not avaliable WIDE 330/ Slim/Slim-Long O
 S = Standard feature, O = Optional feature    


 Work by others (contract exclusions)
 The provision of :
 - A clean, dry hoistway, constructed to Panasonic's dimensions and
   requirements, complying with all applicable local and government regulations
 - All decorative finishes on the hoistway
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Installation Sketch
Work by others (contract exclusions)
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